A1 Group - Laying Down the Future.


In 2001 Leigh Rees started a small business called A1 Asphalting P/L employing 6 people.  In 2006 due to industry demand in our area, Leigh erected his own Asphalt plant in Drouin and within 12 months the business grew to employing 44 people.

A1 Asphalting obtained M2, R1 and G2RSA rating for Vic Roads work in 2007. After winning the Vic Roads maintenance contract for the Eastern Region and administering it for 12 months the business was sold in May 2008. From 2008 Leigh created the A1 Group and diversified into all forms of civil construction. Today we are proud to be a part of his vision and drive that allow the A1 Group of Companies to offer quality services to the civil construction industry.

A1 Civil obtained its Certification for Prequalification R1 rating for Vic Roads in 2016 for Civil (Road & Bridge) Construction Contracts.


A1 AsphaLting Pty Ltd

After the A1 Asphalting business was sold in 2008, Leigh had a 5 year non-compete before being able to reuse the name A1 Asphalting.

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A1 Civil Pty Ltd

With a combined 57 years’ experience in the Civil Construction Industry, Leigh Rees, together with Kim McGill commenced the operation of A1 Civil in October 2012.

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A1 Asphalt SupplieS PTY LTD

The asphalt plant and testing laboratory in Morwell was purchased in March 2014 from Boral by the A1 Group of companies and now operates as A1 Asphalt Supplies.

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A1 Developments PTY LTD

A1 Developments Pty Ltd was formed in 2007 to cater for our own subdivisional works and also for our own industrial and commercial property developments.

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A1 CONCRETE Recycling

The recycling side of our business specialises in the recycling of construction and demolition materials ie: concrete, bricks, roof tiles, asphalt etc..

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A1 Transport

Specialise in quarry, asphalting and profiling work. Recycled rock and concrete products are also available for sale and delivery. Heavy transport vehicles for hire...

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*** Our special thanks to the crews and staff for providing many of the photos and videos used in this website.